The ad that caught my eye in the Miscellaneous section in the 2023 September/October issue of Poets & Writers began, “Very small poetry book publisher with annual contest, distributor and back list seeks to transfer control of the press. . .” As I read further, I was entranced with the possibility of running a small poetry press. Now here we are only a few months later with a new board of directors, a catalogue of beautifully designed contest winners, and a new name for the contest. I am excited to take on the role of publisher and managing editor of Ex Ophidia Press. I would like to thank Richard-Gabriel Rummonds for founding the press and Jim Jones for his stewardship of the press over the past several years. Although I have not been a publisher of a poetry press, I understand the writer’s perspective as I have been submitting my creative work to many literary magazines and poetry book presses for several years. You can read more about my poetry publications at I have also edited several special editions of peer-reviewed journals, more than one anthology of creative writing with a focus on health care, and a few textbooks. Thus, I have experience in the role of editor as well. I am looking forward to this new literary adventure, working with the new board members and of course encountering new poets and their work.