Fantasies & Hard Knocks: My life As a Printer
by Richard-Gabriel Rummonds
$45.00. 813 pp. ISBN: 978-0-692-36404-8


Winner of the First Annual Ex Ophidia Press Poetry Book Prize.

Books in Print​

Fake Cities
Poems by John W. Wagner
$10.99. 62 pp. ISBN: 978-1519151674.
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Ex Ophidia Press


Ex Ophidia Press is a fine literary press, specializing in the publication of contemporary poetry and fiction in distinguished editions. The Press was founded in 2014 by Richard-Gabriel Rummonds, the internationally acclaimed author and handpress printer.

As proprietor of the Plain Wrapper Press in Verona, Italy, Mr. Rummonds worked with Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning writers, serving as editor and designer, as well as printer of their texts in fine limited editions. These authors include Jorge Luis Borges, John Cheever, Anthony Burgess, Italo Calvino, Dana Gioia, Jack Spicer, Manuel Mujica Láinez, and Paul Zweig, among others.

He brings the same attention to Ex Ophidia Press publications as he did to the limited edition books he printed on the iron handpress.

Advisory Board
James T. Jones, Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri
Sharon Cumberland, Poetry professor, Seattle University

Old as Rainfall: Nature & People

Poems by Heidi Morrell
$17.00. 74 pp. ISBN:978-1539596417.
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